Designs, builds and assembles ebikes, fat bikes and trikes with considerations for the special conditions of the BC Gulf Islands.

Using a computer and an open system design allows us greater flexibility. Our systems are not locked into using factory supplied parts. If requirements change, any part of our system can be upgraded or modified. You do not have to throw away your entire system if one part wears out.

Our design philosophy is to create Highly Optimized Personal eBikes (HOPE) with the emphasis on efficiency and maximum price/performance ratio. We use recumbents if you want to go fast, mid drives and fat tires for climbing or off road use, folders for boats and trikes for our older or vertically challenged customers.

We can design a unique bike for your own use, not a cookie cutter one size fits all machine.

Louis has over 60 years of bike experience and have been involved with ebikes for the last 18 years. From time to time we will present some offerings and sample products. We back up our products with good old fashion support.

Our goal is to provide alternative means of transportation for people on the Gulf Islands.